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2007 Volvo V70 - Restart the engine. - If both warning lights go off, no further action is required. - If both lights are still on after the engine has been restarted, switch off the engine again and check the brake fluid level (see page 189 for the location of the brake fluid reservoir). - If the brake fluid level is above the MIN mark, drive carefully to an authorized Volvo retailer and have the brake system inspected. WARNING! If the fluid level is below the MIN mark in the reservoir or if a "Brake failure - Service urgent" message is displayed in the text window: DO NOT DRIVE. Have the vehicle towed to an authorized Volvo retailer and have the brake system inspected. PARK BRAKE Parking brake applied This light will be on when the parking brake (hand brake) is applied. The parking brake lever is situated between the front seats. See also page 64 for additional information. Canadian models are equipped with this symbol. Oil pressure warning light If the light comes on while driving, stop the vehicle and then stop the engine immediately and check the engine oil level. See page 191 . R-models are also equipped with an oil level warning system. If the light stays on after restart, have the vehicle towed to the nearest authorized Volvo retailer. After hard driving, the light may come on occasionally when the engine is idling. This is normal, provided it goes off when the engine speed is increased. Generator warning light If the light comes on while the engine is running, have the charging system checked. Rear fog light This light indicates that the fog light is on. CHECK ENGINE Malfunction indicator light On-Board Diagnostics II (OBDII): As you drive, a computer called "OBDII" monitors your vehicle's engine, transmission, electrical and emission systems. The CHECK ENGINE light will light up if the computer senses a condition that potentially may need correcting. When this happens, please have your vehicle checked by a Volvo retailer as soon as possible. A CHECK ENGINE light may have many causes. Sometimes, you may not notice a change in your vehicle's behavior. Even so, an uncorrected condition could hurt fuel economy, emission cleanliness, and driveability. Extended driving without correcting the cause could even damage other components in file:///K|/ownersdocs/2007/2007_V70/07v70_02.htm (7 of 35)12/30/2006 5:49:29 PM

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