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2007 Volvo V70 Automatic Locking Retractor/ Emergency Locking Retractor To make child seat installation easier, each seat belt (except for the driver's belt) is equipped with a locking mechanism to help keep the seat belt taut. When attaching the seat belt to a child seat: - Attach the seat belt to the child seat according to the child seat manufacturer's instructions. - Pull the seat belt out as far as possible. - Insert the seat belt latch plate into the buckle (lock) in the usual way. - Release the seat belt and pull it taut around the child seat. A sound from the seat belt retractor will be audible at this time and is normal. The belt will now be locked in place. This function is automatically disabled when the seat belt is unlocked and the belt is fully retracted. WARNING! Do not use child safety seats or child booster cushions/backrests in the front passenger's seat. We also recommend that children who have outgrown these devices sit in the rear seat with the seat belt properly fastened. Volvo's recommendations Why does Volvo believe that no child should sit in the front seat of a vehicle? It's quite simple really. A front airbag is a very powerful device designed, by law, to help protect an adult. Because of the size of the airbag and its speed of inflation, a child should never be placed in the front seat, even if he or she is properly belted or strapped into a child safety seat. Volvo has been an innovator in safety for over seventy-five years, and we'll continue to do our part. But we need your help. Please remember to put your children in the back seat, and buckle them up. Volvo has some very specific recommendations: Always wear your seat belt. Airbags are a SUPPLEMENTAL safety device which, when used with a three-point seat belt can help reduce serious injuries during certain types of accidents. Volvo recommends that you do not disconnect the airbag system in your vehicle. Volvo strongly recommends that everyone in the vehicle be properly restrained. Volvo recommends that ALL occupants (adults and children) shorter than 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm) be seated in the back seat of any vehicle with a front passenger side airbag. Drive safely! pg. 31 Safety file:///K|/ownersdocs/2007/2007_V70/07v70_01.htm (23 of 38)12/30/2006 5:49:26 PM

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