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2007 Volvo V70 Storing stations automatically This function automatically searches for and stores up to 10 strong AM or FM stations in a separate memory. If more than ten stations are found, the ten strongest ones are stored. This function is especially useful in areas in which you are not familiar with radio stations or their frequencies. To use the AUTO function: - Select radio mode using the AM or FM buttons, or by turning the SOURCE knob. - Start the search by pressing AUTO for more than 2 seconds. - AUTO appears in the display and a number of stations with strong signals pg. 233 Audio Radio functions HU-650/HU-850 (max. 10) from the selected frequency band will be stored in the auto-store memory. If there are no stations with sufficient signal strength, NO STATION is displayed. - Press the AUTO button or the arrow keys on the optional steering wheel controls briefly to select the stored stations. When the radio is in auto-store mode, AUTO is shown in the display. AUTO disappears when you return to the normal radio mode. Return to the normal radio mode by pressing the AM, FM, or EXIT button. To return to the Auto-store mode, press the AUTO button briefly. pg. 234 Audio RBDS functions HU-650/HU-850 Radio Broadcast Data System - RBDS This feature, which may not be available in your area, functions only with FM broadcasts. The radio in your vehicle is equipped with an advanced system allowing information from broadcasters to be transmitted visually, as text, together with the audio signal. This information is then decoded by the radio and made available for several new and unique features. The RBDS or Radio Broadcast Data System operates in the FM band only, and the information transmitted is supplied exclusively by participating broadcasters. Volvo has no control over the accuracy of the data or information. Coverage by local broadcasters may be limited at this time, but as the technology and benefits grow, you will find the radio in your vehicle is equipped to take advantage of this system. PI (Program Information) Seek: When an FM station has been stored as a preset, the radio also stores RBDS program information if it is file:///K|/ownersdocs/2007/2007_V70/07v70_11.htm (9 of 22)12/30/2006 5:49:50 PM

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