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2007 Volvo V70 power or other unusual operating conditions, such as engine overheating or backfiring. A properly tuned engine will help avoid malfunctions that could damage the three-way catalytic converter. Do not park your vehicle over combustible materials, such as grass or leaves, which can come into contact with the hot exhaust system and cause such materials to ignite under certain wind and weather conditions. Excessive starter cranking (in excess of one minute), or an intermittently firing or flooded engine can cause three-way catalytic converter or exhaust system overheating. Remember that tampering or unauthorized modifications to the engine, the Electronic Control Module, or the vehicle may be illegal and can cause three-way catalytic converter or exhaust system overheating. This includes: - Altering fuel injection setting or components. - Altering emission system components or location or removing components. - Repeated use of leaded fuel. NOTE: Unleaded fuel is required for vehicles with three-way catalytic converters. pg. 220 Specifications Suspension Rear suspension Individual rear wheel suspension with longitudinal support arms, double link arms and track rods. Front suspension Spring strut suspension with integrated shock absorbers and control arms linked to the support frame. Power-assisted rack and pinion steering. Safety type steering column. pg. 221 Specifications Electrical system Bulbs file:///K|/ownersdocs/2007/2007_V70/07v70_10.htm (8 of 11)12/30/2006 5:49:48 PM

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