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2007 Volvo V70 page 189 for the location of the washer fluid reservoir). This is important since dirt is often splashed on the windshield during winter driving, requiring the frequent use of the washers and wipers. Volvo Washer Solvent should be diluted as follows: - Down to 14° F (-10° C): 1 part washer solvent and 4 parts water - Down to 5° F (-15° C): 1 part washer solvent and 3 parts water - Down to 0° F (-18° C): 1 part washer solvent and 2 parts water - Down to -18° F (-28° C): 1 part washer solvent and 1 part water Use Volvo Teflon Lock Spray in the locks. NOTE: Avoid the use of de-icing sprays as they can cause damage to the locks. W - Winter/Wet driving mode - enhanced vehicle traction (automatic transmission) Mode W will only function if the gear selector is in the (D)rive position. Press the button at the base of the gear selector to engage/disengage this driving mode. An LED in the button will light up to indicate that W is engaged and this will also be displayed in the instrument panel (see page 46 ). This mode may be selected for starting/ moving off on slippery roads. 1. Synthetic oil is not used when the oil is changed at the normal maintenance service intervals. pg. 152 Starting and driving Before a long distance trip It is always worthwhile to have your vehicle checked at a Volvo retailer before driving long distances. Your retailer will also be able to supply you with bulbs, fuses, spark plugs and wiper blades for your use in the event that problems occur. As a minimum, the following items should be checked before any long trip: Check that engine runs smoothly and that fuel consumption is normal. Check for fuel, oil, and fluid leakage. Check transmission oil level 1 . Check condition of drive belts. Check state of the battery's charge. Examine tires carefully (the spare tire as well), and replace those that are worn. Check tire pressures. The brakes, front wheel alignment, and steering gear should be checked by your Volvo retailer only. Check all lights, including high beams. Reflective warning triangles are legal requirement in some countries. Have a word with your Volvo retailer if you intend to drive in countries where it may be difficult to obtain the correct fuel. Consider your destination. If you will be driving through an area where snow or ice are likely to occur, consider snow tires. file:///K|/ownersdocs/2007/2007_V70/07v70_06.htm (38 of 41)12/30/2006 5:49:38 PM

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