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2007 Volvo V70 Spin control (SC) The spin control function is designed to help prevent the drive wheels from spinning while the vehicle is accelerating. Under certain circumstances, such as when driving with snow chains, or driving in deep snow or loose sand, it may be advisable to temporarily switch off this function for maximum tractive force. Temporarily switching off Spin control V70R Press the DSTC button on the center control panel (see page 50 ) for at least a half a second. "DSTC SPIN CONTROL OFF" will be displayed and the indicator light in the button will go out. Other V70 models - Turn the thumb-wheel (1) on the left-side steering wheel lever until the STC/DSTC menu is displayed. - Hold down the RESET button (2) to toggle between STC/DSTC SPIN CONTROL ON or OFF. NOTE: The message STC/DSTC SPIN CONTROL OFF indicates that the stability system's spin control function has temporarily been switched off. The stability control indicator light will illuminate and remain on until spin control has been reactivated. STC/DSTC ON indicates that all system functions are active 1 . The spin control function is automatically enabled each time the engine is started. 1. V70R only: the indicator light in the DSTC button will illuminate to indicate that all stability system functions are on. pg. 140 Starting and driving Stability system file:///K|/ownersdocs/2007/2007_V70/07v70_06.htm (25 of 41)12/30/2006 5:49:38 PM

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