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2007 Volvo V70 The seat belts are equipped with tensioners that reduce slack in the belts. These tensioners are triggered in situations where the airbags deploy. The front seat belts also include a tension reducing device which, in the event of a collision, limits the peak forces exerted by the seat belt on the occupant. Buckling a seat belt Pull the belt out far enough to insert the latch plate into the receptacle until a distinct click is heard. The seat belt retractor is normally "unlocked" and you can move freely, provided that the shoulder belt is not pulled out too far. The retractor will lock up as follows: if the belt is pulled out rapidly during braking and acceleration if the vehicle is leaning excessively when driving in turns When wearing the seat belt remember: The belt should not be twisted or turned. The lap section of the belt must be positioned low on the hips (not pressing against the abdomen). Make sure that the shoulder belt is rolled up into its retractor and that the shoulder and lap belts are taut. Unbuckling the seat belt To remove the seat belt, press the red section on the seat belt receptacle. Before exiting the vehicle, check that the seat belt retracts fully after being unbuckled. If necessary, guide the belt back into the retractor slot. Seat belt reminder The seat belt reminder consists of an audible signal, an indicator light above the rearview mirror, and a symbol in the instrument panel that alert the driver and front seat passenger if their seat belts are not fastened. pg. 13 Safety Seat belts file:///K|/ownersdocs/2007/2007_V70/07v70_01.htm (4 of 38)12/30/2006 5:49:25 PM

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