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2006 Volvo V50 Child restraint anchorages Volvo cars are equipped with child restraint top tether anchorages in the rear seat. Refer to the child seat manufacturer's instructions for information on securing the child seat. NOTE: ‚óŹ Child restraints could be recalled for safety reasons. You must register your child restraint to be reached in a recall. To stay informed about child safety seat recalls, be sure to fill out and return the registration card that comes with new child restraints. Child restraint recall information is readily available in both the U.S. and Canada. For recall information in the U. S., call the U.S. Government's Auto Safety Hotline at 1-800- 424-9393. In Canada, visit Transport Canada's Child Safety website at . WARNING! - Child restraint anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly fitted child restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adult seat belts or harnesses. The anchorages are not able to withstand excessive forces on them in the event of collision if full harness seat belts or adult seat belts are installed to them. An adult who uses a belt anchored in a child restraint anchorage runs a great risk of suffering severe injuries should a collision occur. - Do not install rear speakers that require the removal of the top tether anchors or interfere with the proper use of the top tether strap. - Top tether straps should be routed beneath the head restraints. pg. 33 Child safety Automatic Locking Retractor/ Emergency Locking Retractor To make child seat installation easier, each seat belt (except for the driver's belt) is equipped with a locking mechanism to help keep the seat belt taut. file:///K|/ownersdocs/2006/2006_V50/06v50_02b.htm (11 of 12)12/30/2006 4:49:26 PM

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