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2006 Volvo V50 WARNING! - Never attempt to repair the car yourself or to reset the electrical system after the car has displayed CRASH STATUS SEE MANUAL. This could result in injury or improper system function. - Restoring the car to normal operating status should only be done by a trained and qualified Volvo service technician. - After CRASH STATUS SEE MANUAL has been displayed, if you detect the odor of fuel vapor, or see any signs of fuel leakage, do not attempt to start the car. Leave the car immediately. Attempting to start the car If damage to the car is minor and there is no fuel leakage, you may attempt to start the car. To do so: 1. Remove the ignition key. 2. Reinsert the key in the ignition switch. The car will then attempt to reset COLLISION STATUS to normal status. 3. Try to start the car. Moving the car If the electrical system is able to reset system status to normal (CRASH STATUS SEE MANUAL will no longer be shown in the display) the car may be moved carefully from its present position, if for example, it is blocking traffic. It should, however, not be moved farther than is absolutely necessary. WARNING! Even if the car appears to be drivable after COLLISION STATUS has been set, it should not be driven or towed (pulled by another vehicle). There may be concealed damage that could make it difficult or impossible to control. The car should be transported on a flatbed tow truck to a trained and qualified Volvo service technician for inspection/repairs. pg. 28 Inspecting SRS system components Inspection date 1. Driver's side airbag 2. Passenger's side airbag 3. Side airbag on the driver's side 4. Side airbag on the passenger's side 5. Driver's side inflatable curtain 6. Passenger's side inflatable curtain WARNING! There is no owner maintenance that can be performed on the SRS system. The month and year shown on the decal to the right (located on door pillar) indicate when you should contact your Volvo retailer for specific servicing or replacement of airbag system components. This service must be performed by a trained and qualified Volvo service technician. file:///K|/ownersdocs/2006/2006_V50/06v50_02b.htm (6 of 12)12/30/2006 4:49:26 PM

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