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2006 Volvo V50 WARNING! - Boxes, suitcases, etc. wedged behind the front seats could impede the function of the WHIPS system. - If the rear seat backrests are folded down, cargo must be secured to prevent it from sliding forward against the front seat backrests in the event of a collision from the rear. This could interfere with the action of the WHIPS system. pg. 27 Collision status Driving after a collision If the car has been involved in a collision, the text CRASH STATUS SEE MANUAL may appear in the information display. This indicates that the car's functionality has been reduced. NOTE: This text can only be shown if the display is undamaged and the car's electrical system is intact. COLLISION STATUS is a feature that is triggered if one or more of the safety systems (e.g. front or side airbags, an inflatable curtain, or one or more of the seat belt tensioners) has deployed. The collision may have damaged an important function in the car, such as the fuel lines, sensors for one of the safety systems, the brake system, etc. file:///K|/ownersdocs/2006/2006_V50/06v50_02b.htm (5 of 12)12/30/2006 4:49:26 PM

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