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2006 Volvo V50 4. Replace the blown fuse. 5. Close the fuse box in reverse order. 6. Pull the center pins fully out of the mounting clips, secure the upholstery with the mounting clips and press the pins into the mounting clips again. The mounting clips then expand, holding the upholstery in position. pg. 169 Fuses Fuses in the passenger compartment 37. Not in use 38. Not in use 39. Not in use 40. Not in use 41. Not in use 42. Not in use 43. Audio system, Volvo Navigation system (option), 15A 44. Supplemental Restrain System (SRS), 10A 45. 12-volt socket in rear seat, 15A 46. Lighting - glove compartment, instrument panel, and footwells, 5A 47. Interior lighting, 5A 48. Tailgate wiper/washers, 15A 49. Supplemental Restrain System (SRS), Occupant Weight Sensor (OWS), 10A 50. Not in use 51. Park assist (option), AWD, 10A 52. Transmission control module (TCM), 5A 53. ABS, power steering, Bi-Xenon headlights (option), 10A 54. Engine control module, turbo (ECM), 10A 55. Not in use file:///K|/ownersdocs/2006/2006_V50/06v50_10b.htm (12 of 13)12/30/2006 4:49:42 PM

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