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2006 Volvo V50 Auxiliary 12 volt socket (option) Fold down the lid to use the socket. Using the 12 volt socket while the engine is not running drains the vehicle's battery. If the ignition is switched off and a device drawing more that 0.1A is connected to a socket, a battery alert will be shown in the driver information display. The cover should be kept on when the auxiliary socket is not in use. Maximum current from the socket is 15A. Grocery bag holder (option) The grocery bag holder keeps bags in place and prevents them from tipping over and spilling their contents in the cargo area. Fold up the floor panel in the cargo compartment. Hold grocery bags, etc., in place using the holders or the strap. file:///K|/ownersdocs/2006/2006_V50/06v50_05a.htm (14 of 15)12/30/2006 4:49:32 PM

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