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2004 Volvo S40 & V40 2 0 0 4 VOLVO S40 & V40 pg. 46 Opening the trunk from the inside - S40 Emergency handle on inside of trunk - S40 Opening the trunk from the inside - S40 (U.S. models only) The S40 is equipped with a florescent handle on the inside of the trunk lid, which can be used in an emergency situation to open the trunk from the inside. Pull the handle down to release the trunk lid. After use, the handle must be pushed back into its original position before the trunk can be closed. NOTE: This handle is not intended to be used to anchor the trunk lid when long loads are being transported. WARNING! Keep vehicle doors and trunk locked and keep keys out of a child's reach. Unsupervised children could lock themselves in an open trunk and risk injury. Children should be taught not to play in vehicles. On hot days, the temperature in the trunk or vehicle interior can rise very quickly. Exposure of people to these high temperatures for even a short period of time can cause heat-related injury or death. Small children are particularly at risk. file:///K|/ownersdocs/2004/2004_S40-V40/04sv40_03b.htm (1 of 10)12/30/2006 4:29:23 PM

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