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2004 Volvo S40 & V40 2 0 0 4 VOLVO S40 & V40 pg. 113 Lubrication No. Lubrication point lubricant 1 Hood lock and latch Oil 2 Door stop and hinges Oil 3 Door lock outer slide surfaces Low temperature grease 4 Trunk/tailgate lid lock Low temperature grease 5 Front seat side rail and latch Oil 6 Door locks Volvo teflon lock spray low temperature grease To avoid rattles and unnecessary wear, the body should be lubricated at regular service intervals. This should be done by an authorized Volvo retailer. pg. 114 Engine oil file:///K|/ownersdocs/2004/2004_S40-V40/04sv40_08b.htm (1 of 9)12/30/2006 4:29:29 PM

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