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1981 Volvo DL, GL and GLT Before the car is raised with the jack the parking brake should be applied and one of the gears engaged. With automatic transmission, the selector should be in Park. Block one of the wheels on the opposite side of the car from the jack. Note: To avoid excessive tire wear and rebalancing, mark and reinstall wheels in same location and position as before removal. Removal To remove the wheel cap the center emblem must first be pried-off using the screwdriver provided in the tool kit. The wheel cap may then be removed by hand. The GLT has no wheel cap. Loosen the wheel nuts 1/2-1 turn with the box wrench provided in the tool kit. All of the wheel nuts have right-hand threads which are loosened by turning them counterclockwise. pg. 75 Wheel changing file:///K|/ownersdocs/1981/81_dl_gl_glt/81DLGLGLT_03b.htm (20 of 23)12/22/2006 10:28:41 PM

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