Volvo DL 1981 Owner Manual

pg. 70 Replacing bulbs, Page 89 of 127 pages for Volvo DL 1981 Owner Manual. The Owner Manual is applied into the following products: GL 1981, GT 1981

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1981 Volvo DL, GL and GLT Insert a screwdriver through the opening in the housing and depress the catch tab. Pull out the housing assembly. Pull out the cover end which is not provided with a lock pin, Remove the rubber gasket. Replace the bulb. When re-installing, first locate the lock pins (see picture) and then press on the cover. Insert the rubber gasket and press the housing assembly into place. Bulbs Power Socket License plate light, Wagon 5W S 8.5-8 pg. 70 Replacing bulbs Trunk light 2 and 4 door models Remove screw holding the light assembly. Lift it out to remove. Replace the bulb. file:///K|/ownersdocs/1981/81_dl_gl_glt/81DLGLGLT_03b.htm (14 of 23)12/22/2006 10:28:41 PM

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