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1981 Volvo DL, GL and GLT 1 9 8 1 VOLVO DL, GL and GLT pg. 45 Maintenance service MAINTENANCE Maintenance services Your Volvo has passed two major inspections before it was delivered to you, according to Volvo specifications. When driven 600-1,200 miles (1,000-2,000 km), your car should be brought to the Volvo dealer for a service inspection. Engine, transmission and rear axle oils, will be changed at this time. Following this inspection, maintenance inspections as outlined in this book should be performed every 7,500 miles (12,500 km). The extended maintenance inspection intervals make it even more advisable to follow this program. Inspection and service should also be performed any time a malfunction is observed or suspected. Retain receipts for all vehicle emission services to protect your emission warranty. See your "Warranties and Maintenance Records Manual". Maintenance inspection 7,500 mile (12,500 km) intervals Volvo advises you to follow the inspection program at 7,500 mile (12,500 km) intervals which is outlined in the "Warranties and Maintenance Records Manual". This maintenance program contains inspections and services necessary for the proper functioning of your car over the next 7,500 miles (12,500 km). The maintenance inspections contain several checks which require special instruments and tools and therefore must be performed by a qualified technician. To keep your Volvo in top condition, specify time tested and proven Genuine Volvo Parts and Accessories. THE FEDERAL CLEAN AIR ACT (USA) The Clean Air Act requires vehicle manufacturers to furnish written instructions to the ultimate purchaser to assure the proper functioning of those components that control emissions. The maintenance instructions listed in the "Servicing" section of this Manual represent the minimum maintenance required. These services are not covered by the warranty. You will be required to pay for labor and material used. Refer to your "Warranties and Maintenance Records Manual" for further details. In accordance with Federal Regulations, your Volvo is warranted to meet certain Emission Performance Standards. Refer to your Warranties and Maintenance Records Manual for detailed information file:///K|/ownersdocs/1981/81_dl_gl_glt/81DLGLGLT_03a.htm (1 of 18)12/22/2006 10:28:37 PM

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