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pg. 41 Towing information, Page 53 of 127 pages for Volvo DL 1981 Owner Manual. The Owner Manual is applied into the following products: GL 1981, GT 1981

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1981 Volvo DL, GL and GLT Jump starting, see section titled "alternator, jump starting" pg. 41 Towing information pg. 42 Trailer hauling When preparing for trailer hauling, observe the following: Use a trailer hitch which meets Federal Safety Standards for rear end collisions (FMVSS 301-75) such as those offered as Genuine Volvo Accessories. Maximum trailer weight recommended by Volvo is 2,000 lbs (908 kg). Observe legal requirements of the state in which the vehicles are registered. All Volvo models are equipped with energy absorbing shock mounted bumpers. Trailer hitch installation should not interfere with the proper operation of the bumper system. file:///K|/ownersdocs/1981/81_dl_gl_glt/81DLGLGLT_02.htm (9 of 13)12/22/2006 10:28:34 PM

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