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1981 Volvo DL, GL and GLT Seat belts, retractable Fasten the seat belts whenever you drive or ride. Two lights will be illuminated for 4-8 seconds after the ignition key is turned to driving position. One light is located in the instrument cluster and one in the console between the front seats. A buzzer will sound at the same time if the driver has not fastened his seat belt. The front and rear outboard seats are provided with self-retracting inertia belts. To buckle: Pull the belt out from the retractor far enough to insert the latch plate into the receptacle (buckle for rear seats), until a distinct snapping sound is heard. The belt should not be twisted or turned. To unfasten, depress red pushbutton in receptacle (buckle) and let the belts rewind into their retractors. The seat belt retractors are normally unlocked. The retractors will lock up as follows: if belt is pulled out rapidly during braking and acceleration if the vehicle is leaning excessively when cornering at speed file:///K|/ownersdocs/1981/81_dl_gl_glt/81DLGLGLT_01b.htm (6 of 19)12/22/2006 10:28:31 PM

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