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2000 VOLVO C70 2 0 0 0 VOLVO C70 pg. 93 Fuses (supplementary fuse box) Location * Amperage 1 Trunk open switch solenoid 10A 2 Rear fog light, trailer connections 10A 3 Central locking system 10A 4 Immobilizer, ABS, shiftlock 10A 5 Climate systems, Onboard diagnostics OBDII 15A 6 Central locking system 20A 7 Audio system 15A 8 Immobilizer, trip computer, headlight switch 15A 9 Amplifier - audio system 30A 10 Remote keyless entry system 10A 11 Brake lights 10A 12 Audio system 30A 13 Hazard warning flashers, headlight flashers, central locking system, turn signals 15A 14 Heated rear window and door mirrors 40A 15 Courtesy lights, door open warning lights, trunk, seat belt reminder, glove compartment light, passenger vanity mirror light 10A 16 Power antenna, electrical connector for trailer, accessories 30A 17 Front fog lights 20A 18 Key reminder, headlight relay 10A 19 Left high beam, accessories 15A 20 Right high beam, high beam indicator light 15A 21 Left low beam 15A 22 Right low beam 15A 23 Left front/rear parking lights, left tail light, license plate lights, trailer connections 10A 24 Right front/rear parking lights, right tail light, trailer connections 10A 25 - file:///K|/ownersdocs/2000/2000_C70/00c70_06c.htm (1 of 6)12/30/2006 3:38:22 PM

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