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1994 Volvo 960 pg. 1:6 Lighting, Turn signals Headlights and parking lights All lights off * Parking lights on ** Headlights and parking lights are on if starting (ignition) switch is in position I or II. If the headlight switch is in position all lights will go out when starting switch is switched off. With the headlight switch in position the parking lights will stay on. The high beams can only be switched on if the headlight switch is in position . Switch from high to low beams, and vice versa, by moving the turn signal switch lever on the left side of the steering column towards the steering wheel. * Models equipped with daytime running lights: The low beams, tail lights, parking lights and license plate lights will come on automatically when the engine is started. Turn signals 1 Lane change position : In maneuvers such as lane changing, the driver can flash the turn signals by moving the turn signal lever to the first stop and holding it there. The lever will return to the neutral position when released. 2 Signal lever engaged for normal turns 3 High beam/low beam switch (headlights on) Move the lever towards the steering wheel and release it. Headlight flasher (headlights off) Move the lever towards the steering wheel. The headlight high beam will be on until the lever is released. NOTE: Defective turn signal bulbs will cause turn signal indicator and remaining signal lights to flash more rapidly than normal. file:///K|/ownersdocs/1994/1994_960/94960_1_6.html (1 of 9)12/30/2006 9:52:29 AM

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