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1994 Volvo 960 Instruments, switches and controls Instruments, switches and controls pg. 1:1 Instruments, switches and controls IMPORTANT! Your car is equipped with a Shiftlock-Keylock system. SHIFTLOCK: When your car is parked, the gear selector is locked in the (P)ark position. To release the selector from this position, turn the ignition key to position II (or start the engine), depress the brake pedal, press the button on the front side of the gear selector and move the selector from (P)ark. If it is necessary to manually override the Shiftlock system, see page 6:19 for instructions. KEYLOCK: This means that when you switch off the ignition, the gear selector must be in the (P)ark position before the starting (ignition) key can be removed from the ignition switch. ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SYSTEM (ABS): The ABS system in your car performs a self-diagnostic test when the vehicle is started and at 4 mph (6km/h). The driver may detect file:///K|/ownersdocs/1994/1994_960/94960_1_1.html (1 of 7)12/30/2006 9:52:22 AM

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