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1994 Volvo 960 Specifications pg. 9:1 Specifications Specifications This chapter contains facts and figures pertaining to the technical specifications of your car. 9:2 Oil/Fluids specifications 9:3 Engine specifications 9:4 Cooling system 9:4 Fuel system 9:4 Distributor ignition system 9:5 Transmission 9:5 Suspension 9:6 Electrical system/bulbs 9:7 Capacities 9:8 Service manuals, Road assistance 9:9 Dimensions and weights 9:10 Customer support pg. 9:2 Oil/Fluids Specifications Oil quality Meeting API specification SG, SG/CD, SH or ILSAC GF-1 For best fuel economy and engine protection, consult with your authorized Volvo retailer for recommended oils. Oil with a different quality rating may not provide adequate engine protection. Synthetic oils complying with oil quality requirements are recommended for : driving in areas of sustained temperature extremes (hot or cold), when towing a trailer over long distances or for prolonged driving in mountainous areas. Extra oil additives must not be used unless advised by an authorized Volvo retailer. file:///K|/ownersdocs/1994/1994_960/94960_9_1.html (1 of 7)12/30/2006 9:52:48 AM

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