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04 Traffic information Avoiding traffic problems 04 67 Before guidance begins Settings Route options When setting a new route, select whether or not the system should take traffic problems into account when the function Start guidance is activated, see page 53. 1. Select Avoid traffic problems . 2. Choose between Yes and No . Yes The system will avoid roads where there are traffic tie-ups to as great an extent as possible when a route is activated. No The system will not avoid roads where there are traffic disruptions. NOTE When the system has been started, it can take up to 15 minutes before all traffic infor- mation for the area has been downloaded. During your trip Settings Traffic information Dynamic route guidance The system will suggest a different route if there are better alternatives, for instance, if traffic information indicates a tie-up along the originally selected route. Man/Sem-aut/Auto/Off Select the way for the system to suggest an alternative route. Manual An alternate route will be suggested, regard- less of whether it is better or worse; select/ accept the suggested route and a new route will be calculated. Sem-auto An alternative route will only be suggested if it is better; select/accept the suggested route and a new route will be calculated. Auto The system will calculate and use a new route automatically on the condition that it is better. Off The system will not show or calculate an alter- native route. Off The system will not search for a better route in the event of a traffic problem. Messages along the route If Man/sem-aut/ has been selected and a traf- fic disruption has occurred along the route, the following will be displayed. If there is another route that will enable you to avoid the disruption, the difference in distance and driving time will be displayed on the screen: Changed traffic situation. Use new route?: 200ft longer, 00h 09m faster . Select Yes or No . Yes A new route will be used around the affected area.

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