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03 Advanced user mode Setting a destination 03 49 Search using a Zip code Set destination Address City Instead of searching in a city, you can opt to search for an area’s Zip code. 1. Go to ZIP code and press ENTER. 2. Select the digits in the Zip code and press ENTER or Select a Zip code from the list. 3. Go to Street to select a street with the Zip code entered and press ENTER. 4. Go to Start guidance to begin receiving directions to the destination. NOTE This also applies to searches using Points of interest. Point of Interest (POI) Set destination POI Points of interest (POI) include gas stations, hotels, restaurants, Volvo retailers, hospitals, parking lots, etc. Press ENTER to access a sub-menu with different search options in order to select a point of interest. POI by name Enter the name of the point of interest, or select an alternative in the menu. The list only shows the points of interest in the selected city/area. Around the car The system will search for POIs around the car (max. 60 mile radius) The search will stop after 40 POIs have been found. Along the route If a destination has been selected, the system can search for points of interest along the route (within approx. 0.5 miles from the route). Around point on map The system will perform the same type of search as for Around the car , but the search will be based on a point on the map. Along street The system will search along a specified street.

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