Volvo C30 2012 Navigation Owner Manual

03 Advanced user mode, Page 48 of 92 pages for Volvo C30 2012 Navigation Owner Manual. The Owner Manual is applied into the following products: C70 2012, XC90 2012

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03 Advanced user mode Menu selections 03 46 Three levels of the menu structure are shown here. A number of the third level menus also have sub-menus, which are described in detail in their respective sections in this manual. Set destination p. 48 Address State City Number Street Interse. p. 48 Points Of Interest (POI) POI by name Around the car Along the route Around point on map Along a street p. 49 Stored locations Add to itinerary/Infor- mation/Edit/Sorting/ Delete location p. 50 Last 20 Add to itinerary/Infor- mation/Delete location p. 50 Return trip see Itinerary p. 50 Point on map p. 50 Latitude/longitude p. 51 Itinerary p. 53 Start guidance p. 53 Add to itinerary see Set destination Address p. 53 Route options Route Avoid highways/toll roads/ferries/car train/ time-restr. roads/speci- fied areas Reset to default p. 58 Clear itinerary p. 53 Next destination p. 48 Address see Set destination Address p. 48 Current position p. 56 Settings p. 58

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