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02 Easy user mode, Page 34 of 92 pages for Volvo C30 2012 Navigation Owner Manual. The Owner Manual is applied into the following products: C70 2012, XC90 2012

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02 Easy user mode Main menu, Shortcut menu, Scroll menu 02 32 Introduction The navigation system starts in Easy user mode. The most important menus are available in this mode, which makes things easier if changes in Settings are not often made. Main menu G033469 The main menu is at the top of the menu struc- ture and can be accessed by pressing the BACK key several times. Switching between settings To switch between Easy and advanced modes, go to Settings System options User mode . Shortcut menu G029190 This menu offers icons for making quick setting changes. Press ENTER in map mode and select a sub-menu with or . G028755 – Map scale/Current route Change the map scale for a larger perspective or to display greater detail. At the top of the menu, you can choose to see either the remainder of the route 1 to the desti- nation from your current location, or the entire route. The map scale can be changed from 1/32 of a mile to 60 miles. Hold the button down until the map scale of your choice is displayed, and release the button. G028755 – Guidance Press ENTER to repeat voice guidance. Traffic information (option) 2 Regardless of whether the navigation system is in Easy or Advanced mode, broadcast traf- fic information is always received and presen- ted. see page 66 for additional information. Scroll menu G033467 Activate map scrolling by pressing the navigation control. Press ENTER in scroll mode to activate the Scroll menu. Scale This function changes the scale of the area in which you are currently driving. The scale can be changed from 150 ft to 60 miles. Set as destination Select a position on the map. Guidance will begin immediately. 1 A destination must be selected. 2 Not available in all areas.

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