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01 Getting to know the navigation system On-screen keypad 01 23 Entering letters and selecting alternatives G033459 The on-screen keyboard is used in many sit- uations in the menus to select specific infor- mation such as points of interest, a state/city/ street address/zip code, etc. Select letters with the navigation control and press ENTER. When there are no further alternatives, the entire name will be displayed automatically. The list at the bottom of the screen shows the first three possible alternatives made available by the letters that have been entered. 1. You can also go directly to the list of names by pressing . 2. Select a name and press ENTER. The scroll bar at the right of the screen indi- cates that there are more alternatives than can be displayed at one time. The figure shown indicates the number of names on the list. Press BACK to exit the list of names. You can also press BACK to delete letters one at a time General searches Searches can be made at any time and always function in the same way, regardless of where you may be in the menu system when a desti- nation is selected. Pressing ENTER while keying in characters displays all result combinations for the respec- tive selections: City, Street, Points of interest, etc. For example, when searching for Newark Airport, all combinations of Newark will be displayed when NE is entered. As the search becomes more specific, fewer alternatives will be displayed, making selection easier. A search beginning with NE will also display, for example, NEwmaket restaurant since all alternatives containing a number of words sep- arated by spaces are included in the search.

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