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01 Getting to know the navigation system Navigation system controls 01 22 Location of the navigation control and IR port G019916 The navigation system can be operated with the steering wheel-mounted navigation control or with the remote control. The navigation control is located on the right, rear side of the steering wheel. Point the remote toward the IR port located at the screen (only the XC90 has the IR port on the audio system as shown above). NOTE The remote control runs on AAA or R03 bat- teries. Check the batteries if the remote does not function properly. Navigation control/remote control The navigation control and remote control have the same functions. Each enables you to nav- igate through the menus and make settings/ selections. Use the navigation control to move among various menu alternatives or to move the cross hairs on the map. The but- tons , , and on the remote control can be used for the same purpose. ENTER – Confirms or activates selections. BACK – Press this key to go to the previous menu or to undo a selection. NOTE The exact design of the navigation control may vary from model to model. "Do not disturb" In certain situations, the system may need a few extra seconds to calculate a route. A sym- bol will be displayed while this is taking place. NOTE While the route calculation symbol is dis- played, the navigation system cannot accept any commands from the navigation control, or the ENTER or BACK buttons.

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