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01 Getting to know the navigation system Navigation system, updating and care 01 11 Contents of the main unit All map information is stored on the main unit’s hard drive. There is no DVD in the unit when it is delivered. The DVDs are used for any updates to system or map information, see the instructions of the DVD’s cover. New DVDs are issued on a regular basis with updated and new information. The latest DVDs can be purchased from a Volvo retailer. Volvo cannot be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of data, maps, or routing guidance presented by your navigation sys- tem. Please contact the map developer, Nav- Teq at NOTE The main unit’s DVD player is intended for Volvo DVDs only. Updating with a DVD NOTE Please note that an update may take up to 90 minutes. Be sure the vehicle’s battery is adequately charged before beginning. If a DVD contains new system software in addi- tion to map information, the system will begin by running the software installation. The vehicle can be driven while the navigation system is being updated, but VNS cannot be used while the update is in progress. To perform an update: 1. Switch on the navigation system. 2. Remove a DVD if one is already inserted in the system’s DVD player. 3. Insert the DVD containing the updated information. If there is more than one disc, insert them in the numbered order. 4. The system will now be automatically updated. Information will be displayed to show update progress. 5. After the update, the DVD containing the most recent update must remain in the system’s DVD player. If more than one disc has been used, insert disc 1. If the disc is removed from the player, the navigation system will stop functioning. If the system is switched off while an update is in progress, the update will be resumed the next time the system is switched on. In certain cases, updating map information will add new system functions. The VNS start screen will be displayed when updating is completed. DVD care When changing discs, make sure that they are kept free of oil, grease and other impur- ities. The discs must not be exposed to mois- ture. The discs must be kept in their packaging when not in use. Avoid storing discs in excessive heat, direct sunlight or in a dusty environment. Screen care Clean the display screen with a soft, non-static cloth or a moist paper towel and a mild window cleaning agent. Never use petroleum based solvents or abra- sive substances when cleaning the screen.

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