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01 Getting to know the navigation system, Page 12 of 92 pages for Volvo C30 2012 Navigation Owner Manual. The Owner Manual is applied into the following products: C70 2012, XC90 2012

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01 Getting to know the navigation system Before you start 01 10 Easy/Advanced modes When the navigation system is started, the desired user mode can be selected. Easy Only the primary menus are available in this mode, and can be used to simply get directions from point A to B. Advanced This mode makes all settings and functions available. Switching between modes Switching between modes can be done in Settings . NOTE Settings made in Easy mode are not used if the system is switched to Advanced mode, and vice versa. Settings are stored in the mode in which they were made. Demo (simulated guidance) The navigation system contains a function that demonstrates guidance to a destination. How- ever, please be aware that the demo can only be run when the vehicle is at a standstill. This function is only available when VNS is in Advanced mode, see Demo on page 62.

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