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8 Quick Referenc e Guide How to Enter Information You can enter information (e.g., city names, street names, personal names, and business names comprising letters, numbers, and symbols) when prompted on input screens by two different methods. Using Voice Control When you see d in this manual, voice commands are available for that feature.  Say the letter, number, or symbol (e.g., say d “A”).  Use spelling assist (e.g., say d “Alpha” to enter the letter “A” or d “Hyphen” to enter a hyphen).  The system beeps if you say an unavailable (grayed out) letter or number.  If a voice command is not recognized, a list is displayed with possible options. On list screens:  Say the number of the list item (e.g., say d “Five” to select item 5).  Say d “Up” or d “Previous” to scroll up one page.  Say d “Down” or d “Next” to scroll down one page. Using the Interface Dial Rotate i to highlight a character.  Select to display upper/lower case characters.  Select to display symbols and accented characters.  Select (or move e) to edit the entered characters. Press u to enter the highlighted character.  Move y to select Space to enter a space character.  Move w to select Delete to remove the last entered character.  You can also use the touch screen to enter information. Scrolling through lists or tabs is limited while the vehicle is moving. Certain screen functions are limited or inoperable while the vehicle is moving. For these functions, use available voice commands or pull over to proceed. Number of Hits On input search screens, the number of hits in the map database is displayed. Move r to select OK to display a list of possible entries.

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