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13 Quick Referenc e Guide Navigation—Changing Route or Destination You can alter your route by adding waypoints to visit, adding streets to avoid, or changing your destination during route guidance. Adding a Waypoint (“Pit Stop”) You can add up to four waypoints along your route. (P131) a From the map screen, press the MENU button. b Rotate i to select Destination List. Press u. c Rotate i to select Add New Destination. Press u. d Rotate i to select Find Along Route. Press u. e Rotate i to select location and search method. Press u.  Search Around: Search around a location.  Search Along: Search between two locations. Changing Your Destination There are four methods you can use to specify a new destination during route guidance.  Say d “Find Nearest…” (P138) Searches for the nearest place/landmark on the map screen (e.g., d “Find nearest gas station”).  Say d “Go Home” (P11) Routes to your home address.  Selecting an icon on the map (P139) Scroll the map to position the cursor over a place/landmark icon or a new area on the map. Press u twice.  Entering a new destination (P140) Press the MENU button. Move w to select Destination and enter a new destination. f Select the icon category and location to add to the Destination List when prompted. Edit the order of destinations if necessary. g Move r and rotate i to select Start Route. Press u. Canceling Your Route a Press the MENU button. b Rotate i to select Cancel Route. Press u.

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