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12 Quick Referenc e Guide Navigation—Entering a Destination Enter your destination using one of several methods, then follow route guidance on the map or guidance screen to your destination. You can also perform these steps using d voice commands. a From the map screen, press the MENU button. b Rotate i to select Address. Press u. c Rotate i to select Street. Press u. d Enter the name of your destination street. MENU e Rotate i to select your destination street from the list. Press u. f Enter the street number. Move r to select OK when finished. g If there is more than one city with the specified street, a list of cities is displayed. Rotate i to select the desired city from the list. Press u. h Rotate i to select Set as Destination. Press u. Route guidance to the destination begins.  View Routes: Choose one of three routes.  Route Preference: Choose Max or Min for the five settings.

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