About Manuals365

Tasks, Objectives and Missions

Who we are

We are a group of digital download service focused on user's guides or owner's manuals, not the biggiest, but the earliest.

What we do

Since 2005, We had provided free download service of user's guides or owner's manuals for our visitors in our main site Device Manuals, a leading free download site for multilingual user's guides or owner's manuals. a new site, Manuals365, was created to show PDF file of user's guides or owner's manuals within web browsers online in the year of 2011.

How we do

It is easy to display PDF file within web browser based on general PDF file converting technologies. There are three kinds of technologies to display PDF file within web browsers, in which two technologies need the external software to convert PDF files into other file formats, such as JPG or PNG image file, Shock Wave Flash (SWF) file, other one is using PDFObject to embede a PDF file using HTML markup. In manuals365.com, we browse PDF file in web page by converting PDF into image file format based on general PDF converter tools.